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  • stanallan47 stanallan47 Aug 17, 2011 8:29 AM Flag

    So, is this like corn-ethonol: 'Food into Fuel'?

    I have no position, long or short, in Solazyme. A friend briefly mentioned some algae-oil company yesterday and I think this was what she was referring to. I'm just beginning the process of doing my own research, so forgive my ignorance on this subject.

    From what little I have researched, it seems like the company takes stuff like corn or sugar cane and feeds it to genetically modified algae to turn it into oil. Do I have that right?

    If so, how is this much different from the whole turn corn into ethanol-fuel idea? Obviously the processes involved are different, but the result seems to be the same; you are taking food that people eat and turning it into fuel. Seems like we've finally realized how bad an idea that whole corn-ethanol was. All corn ethanol did was raise food prices to inefficiently create higher priced gas (partially-subsidizes with tax payer money).

    Is this a redux of that same bad idea or is Solazyme different? I really want this to be different. I would like nothing more than to stop being hostage to unfriendly oil rich countries. And I wouldn't making a few bucks off of Solazyme if it can be the company that helps to does so. But (in my admittedly little knowledge of the company thus far), I'm not sure if it is different. If it is just more of the same...

    I'm not here to bash. I'm just trying to crowd-source some information while I start my own research. I would appreciate any insight on the subject, if you wouldn't mind. Thank you.

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