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  • politicalcapitalspent politicalcapitalspent Apr 13, 2012 1:16 PM Flag

    record number of new shorts


    on a stock that has had nothing but good news.

    Volume reduced to an absolute trickle,

    It is a Friday. Do you hold your short going into a weekend? If not, how will your position be affected if others cover with such low volume?

    decisions, decision, decisions.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • It's usually the job of the CEO of a company to lowball so actual results beat analyst estimates. That's the game and some CEOs play it better than others.

      Also, just like opinions on this messageboard analyst opinions will differ, and generally speaking analysts from firms involved in a company's underwriting tend to offer more bullish opinions.

    • but when they give a negative they are almost always right lol

    • Call me a moron if you want, but I've traded SZYM better than you. I'll continue to make fun of your paranoid posts about shorts.

    • the shorts -- the big ones -- have been holding and upping their position every month for the past several months. hard to say how trapped they feel. I'm sure this isn't their only short position. Heck, they might be people who shorted Amrys into Piper's terribly insightful "Overweight" rating last year and made a big profit.

      I have no problem with shorts per se. Shorting is totally legit. But they can and do resort to shenanigans. Former big traders talk all the time about planting stories in the press just to get a bump down that they can accentuate and create a panic with.

      Shorts come in all sizes.....and intelligences. They do well. They also get killed. What I simply cannot stand though is them getting a lead block from some Wall Street whore. The key is to not them exploit the natural tendency to buy high and sell low.

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