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  • minchie89 minchie89 May 4, 2012 4:06 PM Flag

    Most stocks DOWN today BUT SZYM?

    LOOKS STRONG AND GO LONG NOW??or wait until market corrects and SZYM goes down to 5 to $6??
    i love the stock market as i love gambling at casinos, stock market, football games etc... but not putting up 100 of thousands of my hard earned $$$ just chump change tens of thousands of dollars (bwahahahaha).
    SERIOUSLY, i REALLY BELIEVE WE HAVE SOMETHING HERE AT SZYM Albeit that their products are expensive and they are up against HUGE ODDS TO FAIL I may Dabble in a Couple of thosands of shares and put a CLOSE STOP LOSS of say 12%..

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    • Ps I wouldn't put more then a couple hundred shares at most here if I had any left from all the other stocks I ost long and the list is more then just a conicidence of bad picking, but thats why people protest

    • its all in the way you gamble. If a stock materializes and your sure of its quality then you invest. If not you may as welll take that money and give it all to the shorts and insiders. Depending on supply and demand. If a stock like Solazyme gets allot of press demand goes up but if the stock doesn't go up it means someone is shorting your money rightly or wrongly and so far in almost every case the shorts seem to have inside information that comes out after the fact to make you lose thats why the market seems rigged

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