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  • sellcpnin2007 sellcpnin2007 Feb 7, 2013 7:11 PM Flag

    Wonder what type of oil SZYM will produce next week at the Clinton facility


    You do understand that they can make a different type of (superior) oil every 7-10 days or so, right ?

    And you understand that they utilize the same facility?

    Trans fat free oil? Cocoa butter oil?

    What other company can do this?

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    • Food additive need to be produce in a food grade facilitity. Clinton may need upgrades.

      And those GMO'd tailored oils can be years from being a commercial product generating profits. Read the Mitsui deal, $20 million dribbled out in milestones over years while developing a commercial product. They don't even have a commercial product even though they announced the myristic algal profile in the August 2012 call. Would have been helpful if it that time Wolfson had mentioned they had yet to develop a commercial product and that could take years. It would be very helpful if SZYM filed their Mitsui agreement since it would have all the milestone steps set out and the time from performance of each. Then an investor might have some idea of just what is actually going on.

      And what about a commercial cocoa butter profile, is it only a vision in a researchers eye? A vision that could that years to actualize in a commercial product? While the conference calls provide data for the myristic acid percentage (40%), they provide no information at all on the cocoa butter. By comparison, oleic acid is reported at 90% and 80% was said to be the level need for its commercializatoin.

    • pretty sure they mean they're able to change profiles on a whim. not necessarily that they do or have that many profiles up & running yet to make it happen.

    • you have no basis for that claim.

      yes, the idea is to switch strains at the same facility. but you have no idea what is going on at Clinton right now or how long the turnaround time is for a given strain. (7-10 days? wouldn't think so.) for all we know, they may have done run throughs on just the productive parent strain to test the scale and then started retrofitting.

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