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  • wubby6216 wubby6216 Mar 22, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    10 straight days DOWN, tell me again its not a big deal...

    no breakouts, resistant levels, support levels will keep this baby a float! Doesnt matter the news, the opportunity or the potential. This stock is dead money and I'm sitting on it. Its called paralysis by analysis. The more I research this stock the more frozen I am on the potential.

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    • We are oversold, but that gap at $8 seems like a magnet. I would like us to just get that closed and then bounced hard.

    • Well, the 50day MA has been supporting it well, there's more to technicals than just the dollar number supports/resistances you know. You should also check the MACD, looks like it may be turning soon

    • Sophisticated buyers see the potential.....if we were Warren Buffet we would keep buying knowing that great management decisions create a company by design, through extraordinary human effort. Those decisions ultimately determine a stocks value everytime. The stress and strain of moving averages, momentum, announcements, timing and waiting, intermidable waiting for those of us with less money to invest than Uncle Warren is necessary. I believe that this stock is a M&A target for all of its substantial JV partners. They are seeing the real potential first hand. What do you think they need to see to become buyers of the company? At this level, if they decide the potential is truly there, they will be discussing a buyout or at least investing more corporate $s. This is a truly disruptive technology for the next several decades. All their partnerships demonstrate the quality of this company ! ! Plan to leave some stock for your kids, and grandkids.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It's not a big deal if you didn't use your mortgage payment to buy those last 200 shares.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Potential is all you need, baby. I consistently make the suggestion that us longs go out and get smashed at a bar somewhere instead of watching this #$%$ stock do nothing. Payday is sometime this summer... or next.

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