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  • petekook petekook Sep 11, 2011 2:47 PM Flag

    8.80, hmmmmm

    look at the chart for Friday, somehow HOGS pinned at 8.80 in an otherwise nasty sell off. If we pin 8.80 or even some lower number monday (assuming a massive sell off monday) then it becomes apparent that someone (buyback??) is in the market buying heavily.

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    • Agree with some of the sentiments on this board that this stock is dead money for institutional investor is going to risk their necks on these Chinese reverse merger stocks for some time. I think the best thing for all the Chinese Reverse Merger companies is to take the companies private and then re-list later through the Normal IPO process to get a better valuation. It's really a shame that the legitimate companies in the space (Zhongpin perhaps?) have to have their valuations heavily discounted to account for the reverse merger risk.

      Fair Disclosure:

      I was a long-term holder of the stock and closed my position last month.

    • you bet the market on "the entire Chinese market has been taggesdthat really would surprise BIDU CHL and others....what aloser!

    • 8.50 today.....hmmmm

    • Sorry I accidentally rated your joke 1 star I was scrolling on my phone and hit it, but that was pretty funny lol

    • It doesn't matter how anyone is betting. The grim reality is HOGS is dead money for years because the entire Chinese sector has been tagged. If you have the patience to wait, you might be rewarded and these prices might be a buying opportunity. I am seriously long and seriously underwater. I'm hoping their numbers are real. If they are, this stock might go to 30 or 40 in a couple of years if the world doesn't go bankrupt. China is a strong player in the world economy and will survive but who knows about Europe or America. We are the customer's for China's exports so they will suffer if we collapse. But right now, institutional players are not buying a lot of Chinese Reverse Mergers. That's a fact, not a short argument. The Chinese themselves have poisoned their own access to capital. Nobody is charged there for fraud and in the case of YUii....the CEO who basically put 10 million of company money in a personal account is still running the company which has been delisted.

    • I did read your analysis...
      You are negative because
      1.No lawsuit....what a moronic waste of money against an unnamed ghost Little. whom Arthur Little? still 7 of 9 analysts have it as a buy
      3.A legit auditor...who? Big 5 doesnt cut it with you apparantly
      4.No dividend...does Apple come to mind?
      5. ReverseIncorporation....hundreds in US
      5.Likening it to FEEDS or others....why not liken Exxon to Enron?

      Moronic logic...throwing any discredited BS against the wall hoping it sticks.

      No you are a bonafide short...your own words betray you....unless you care to claim the less flattering but more ethical title of moron

    • You must be right, it's pinning lower every day. Good call!