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  • maggieruffus maggieruffus Apr 1, 2011 5:11 PM Flag

    97,000 shares in one hour!

    Something might be brewing?

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    • he was granted options and they start vesting in 25% increments starting next year...pretty sure he didn't buy anything..

      I'm not even sure how it works to be honest, maybe someone can answer this question for me: If a company allocates an amount for ESOP or whatever and they want to give the employee stock or options, do those transactions hit the tape, or does it happen all privately? I imagine it happens privately and comes out of stock not in the float, obviously. But then again, i've never had any direct experience.

      Any interesting tidbit about the close: it is only the third time since the OTC where Interleukin has closed at .44 (never higher). the other times were back in september on anemic volume. And it is the second highest volume day ever on the otc

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      • I Googled the Zscks article and it has turned up on a lot of Penny Stock blogs and news sites. It is probable that we have attracted an investor or two. Which is good if it snowballs into more investors. I would think our 22% gain day might show up on a few sites too. I hope there intention isn't to start playing pump and dump on us. I won't be one to sell that's for sure.

        Elliot's stock option plan looks like a positive to me. The people that are running the company should have to be owners too.

        Every thing hinges on the second weight loss study coming out good and it getting publised. And also of course the FDA giving us the green light. If that happens we will have a very good chance of attracting a major diet company or two. If that all happens mabey Zacks projected 26 million dollar revenue will pan out in 2013.

        Good Luck All!

    • Maybe. The highest volume since Oct. 29

0.202+0.022(+12.22%)Aug 25 3:08 PMEDT