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  • cameagle2007 cameagle2007 Mar 4, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    NOW is the time to BUY!!

    For any potential investors, now is the time to build up your shares in ILIU. Do a search on Google for "Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement ILIU and RHSC" to see the agreement that will start bringing in solid revenues for ILIU sometime after the beginning of 2014.
    The time to get in on a stock is BEFORE the average public finds out about it.....and since ILIU is currently being traded on the OTC market, it does not even appear in the face of the big investors....yet.

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    • What's the rush. Our crack PR department didn't even get the word out, so how would anyone know of this deal.. and IMHO it's a BIG DEAL. I think you can nibble at sub 0.50 for a long long time. With this announcement and ANY promotion and true PR, we should have been at 75 cents with 500,000 shares traded. Guess we just have to wait..why torture newcomers.

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      • I read the same logic back when I was establishing my position.....I averaged in at $.289/share. At today's close of $.45, that's a pretty good return on my money within 8 months. Some people keep waiting, keep waiting, keep waiting....and before long, instead of buying at $.289, they're buying at $.45. I would be tortured if I hadn't pulled the trigger back then, so why not? Anyone that's been following what's been going on with this company knows it will eventually sell higher than $.45, so again, why not? Of course we all know the OTCQB is manipulated, just watch the open and close shares sold and bought to move the price up and down, so I do agree with you in the fact that it may fluctuate up and down for a while...guess that's just the nature of legalized gambling ;-)

    • Get in before the average public finds out....... Wow I think your really on to something. Doesn't iliu trade on the pink sheets???

    • my opinion, of course :-)

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