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  • bartleby_the_copyist bartleby_the_copyist Aug 6, 2012 9:16 AM Flag

    Watch the bears this morning ($28 low)

    Watch this stock shed its unrealistic price this morning. Its short interest increased on Friday's action. What will follow today is direct selling by the big boys. Just watch. We might even get to $26 at some point today.

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    • Not today . Markets are too bullish.
      $28 is a far more realistic valuation than 33.
      I don't see the long term value here.
      High end jewelry on line ????
      I've been all over Blue Nile site.
      Most of the rings that I would consider as an engagement or wedding ring are well above $20k .
      There is no way I would spend $20k for a stone I can't see.
      This is why the "Local" High End Jeweler with good business sense will always survive and Nile in the long run will be nothing but a distant memory ..

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      • This stock is not about the true business of trying to sell high dollar diamonds on line.....Becasue you are right......It is a failure by Blue Nile which is now attempting to sell junk jewerly to keep the sales figures up. Nile has a good web sight.....But shabby diamond quality at best. They claim they sell for less becasue they do not have brick and mortar expenses but the reality is they sell diamond of low grade with their misrepresentations on their web site. But the stock is not about the failing business model.....It is about the minipulation of the stock at the hands of the institutional traders and all the anlalysts in on the take... . .

      • I copy your opinion. I thought I was the most bearish person on the stock, and here you are!

    • Mid to low 20's by the end of the week.

      Disclosure I own some PUTS... not a lot though

33.96+1.02(+3.10%)Aug 24 4:00 PMEDT