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  • larrydett larrydett Jun 27, 2013 11:53 AM Flag

    Chicago Tribune had a sad article today from the Lexington Herald-Leader titled "A Way of Life Fades Away"

    Talks about the demise of the coal industry in Eastern KY. Looks like PVR saw this coming when they started the big shift to NG. As I said maybe a year ago - wouldn't want to be in the coal business in W VA. Didn't even think of KY at the time.

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    • Coal a very big deal in Obama's Illinois, fact, Obama and Senator Durbin(D-IL) arranged for a $Billion + Lab to be built in Illinois to study "Clean burning Coal"... Currently, coal mined in the Illinois basin goes to new Orleans on barges For export. then we have Warren Buffet who bought the Burlington Northern RR to take coal from Wyoming to the West Coast for export to Asia. Last year saw like 800 million tons of coal burned in the USA and over 100 million tons exported.....

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      • Obama may try to outlaw the production and even the exoporting of coal.
        however politically this means big losses to dems in ohio,west virginia,kentucky etc.
        hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake.
        this industry will fight him and the epa over the next 3years until a new admistration comes in.
        will fight in congress and the courts.
        i cant believe the coal industry will just go away without a fight.
        obama showing his true non business hate capitalizing mind set.
        thje peope who voted for him now in ohio must feel dumb.
        he will go down with jimmy the moron carter as our worst presidents of the last 75years.
        however the battle not over my friends and i expect the long fight to begin now.