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  • austinag3 austinag3 Apr 29, 2009 9:34 PM Flag

    CLP Is A Untrustworthy REIT

    This company is very unfair to people living in their communities. They operate on the verge of con artists and scam artists. They purposely damage personal property in apartments they own with the assumption that they can get away with negligence because they write clauses in their leases to release themselves from all damage they do to the personal property of leasees within their properties.

    This company is run by a bunch of crooks. The apartment has very minimal coverage on liability through Engle Martin and Associates. These guys cannot take responsibility for damage they do to renters' property when they knowingly and premeditate to damage the property of renters.

    Engle Martin & Associates is a scam company that needs to be dropped by Colonial Property Trust. Peter Flynn, the Southwestern general manager needs to be fired for not handling issues in his offices and allowing substantial negligence to occur without taking responsibility for damages and general liability of the maintenance staffs.

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