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  • warlord_shea warlord_shea Sep 26, 2008 2:03 PM Flag

    We're all inthis stock long term so

    Wife and kids are a liability not an asset. (just joking of course) :)

    I agree and that's my approach as well. I'm really resisting the urge to day trade these days and I've quenched it by doing so with extremely small lots (circa $1k capital). I'm locked in and trying to force the long term view into my brain.

    I'd be thrilled with $14 in a few weeks, but I don't think it will happen quite so quickly. There's firm resistance in the 10s that will fall in very little time, but that resistance at 13, while weakened, seems pretty stubborn. I still don't have any volume information. I'd look for a breakout when the quarterly comes around in October. I'm anticipating an increase in owner's equity, and hopefully a good one.

    Institutions picked up another 500k shares, but it looks as if everyone is holding cash. There were no institutional sales for the prior two weeks on my report. Bargain hunters are going to look for asset backed securitities, and what's a bigger asset than an airplane? Okay maybe boats, and buildings. Real estate, even corporate, is a no-no at this time.

    I agree that it looks as if Paulson's plan is the best. Given the parties had to re-write, it looks as if there's still an outside chance of getting that proposal into play. Either way, I'm betting a few days, but some sort of deal will be brokered. Nobody in those meetings has been stabbed with a letter opener yet, so maybe something will come of it.


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