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  • loual49 loual49 Jun 16, 2010 3:28 PM Flag

    Next news...Any Guess s ?

    Anyone think CPQQ should hire a PR company
    OR are things just too quite in this business ?
    Good product..making money.. but not much
    excitment or sex appeal.

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    • I believe that things are going well, just as was said in the most recent press release. The next earnings release might or might show blowout numbers and there might or might not (probably will) be more dilution. It is, in any case, a new company that has a good and needed product and for which we have already seen growing demand.

      Hang on. It will be a lot higher in a few years. It now has a market cap of about $67 million. If it realizes even a fraction of what seems to be its potential, that will be shown to be way too cheap. Lastly, it is at least a juicy buyout target, I would think.

      Disclaimer: I have been buying with both hands lately and now have a quite large stake in this company. I'm not in any particular hurry--the stock can just go to my heirs if it's as slow moving as all that.

      So helpme_hanna