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  • fosheti1 fosheti1 Apr 5, 2011 12:27 PM Flag

    This Babys trading almost on top of Cash value

    Why would anyone dump at cash value. With no debt to speak of and generating profits. Thats Insane.

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    • I know I am gonna take it on the chin for suggesting this but I have a theory:

      What if the stock pile of cash is not for production growth. I mean really does anyone honestly buy that excuse. Could the company really need 1 years worth of working capital in the bank in order to get new contracts.

      What if the money is to go private. Around 20m in the bank and all shares purchased right now are just over 20m. What if they intended to use us dumb Americans to fund their company. Not a bad company to hold private. Millions a year in income and growth would not matter much if you can continue to just pull in money. I would say 80 cents a share would be about right. This will allow them to buyout all shareholders at a premium of were we are trading.

      Of course this could depend on who is holding shares and voting rights of preferred shares.

      Think about it, could we really sue them. People outside China trying to sue a Chinese company...........good luck.

      Horrible theory but there has to be an explanation for the cash stock pile and needing an entire years worth of funding for an already very profitable organization is just flat out ridiculous.

      Probably a dumb idea but even for the poor performance on the recent quarters, this price is saying there is something very wrong that we are all missing.

      Next theory is a desire to uplist. They need 4/share to uplist. With 22m shares that would mean 88m market cap. NO WAY IN HELL THEY ARE GETTING THERE SOON.

      Ok but what if the OS was just 15m then 60m or 10m so 40m. Could they be sitting back watching it crash to allow them to buy back shares dirt cheap. After all I doubt they are planing 50m in transformer sales in the first year so it could take years to get off the BB otherwise.

      Not sure what is happening but CPQQ has way too much cash and they appear to have no intention of doing anything to stem the collapse of the stock. We can call them all ignorant fools but I kinda doubt that's true.