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  • billwilson1804 Mar 31, 2014 11:10 AM Flag

    How can this not be corruption from both U.S. and China side?

    From history in China of Hit Pieces, naked shorting, some accounting corruption etc etc. it seems we have move from hit pieces to just hits. My guess is this would not happen without nod from U.S. that have helped bring these companies public and now see more profits by destroying the pulic market. Not much else makes sense. Does anyone know about the large Texas holder that tried to buy this out last year?

    Does anyone know Mike Segal enough to post his position on this? Interesting that he is also listed on board of ACRB which also has been taken down to almost nothing. Not sure if anyone can help us long suffering longs in China companies but have to believe the corruption will be revealed and profits should be disgorged back to us small U.S. investors. Please let me know if you can get through to Mke Segal or anyone at company. I will continue to try and let this board know.

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    • "Going dark" is not illegal.......but it is seems to be an unethical way to drive a stock price down to a level where the company could theoretically be bought very cheap. After being bought/taken private, the company could be sold or be taken public again on a foreign exchange at a handsome profit.

      If this company was US based, I think it would have been taken private a long time ago at a nice premium for shareholders.