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  • MIGGY23 MIGGY23 Jan 28, 1998 10:35 AM Flag

    ***OFF TOPIC***

    Just wondering if any of you took my advice about another stock, TDFX. And Im not just bringing it up because the Motley Fool bought it. If you check the TDFX message boards, you will see an early post from me, back on 12/8, way before the Fools came to town.

    Anyway, if you want a stock to be long on, that seems like a good one to me. Just announced .15 a share vs. .08 estimates. Tremendous top and bottom line growth, and gross margins near 50%. This is the stock I told you Oppenheimer called a "hold" at 19. Well, its up almost 4 to 26 today so far, and guess what Oppenheimer did? Raised estimates! Analysts make me laugh.

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    • Thanks very much for your valuble information. It enhance my confidence to YARC. I am long for YARC( at least 6 month). What do you expecte for the penny stock company which just went public August 1,last year. If their business make progress,I will buy more.
      CYMI have good laser producte for semiconducte equipment industry. It is the stock for long term too.
      Check out ANAD which drop $20- today. The trading pattern was very similar to EFII. I expect that it will bounce back some Monday. Like EFII, I may never see it back to $13 again.
      Good luck to you and have nice weekend!

    • believe everything you read in a research report. Most will be upbeat and gun-ho. Lawsuits keep pouring will have their hands full, meaning this turnaround will take some time...check back in 6-9 months won't miss anything.

    • Good call on the CYMI. I called YARC and asked them to send me an Information Kit. I received it today. I was not aware of all the different types printing their RIP will do. In their letter they state that they will "soon turn in SEC Filings (including financial statements)", which will be available at EDGAR ( This stock is looking better to me, (long term). This Sakes for you. Good luck.

    • I'm new to EFII after watching it for a few weeks. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm in for 100 at 16.25.

      Go EFII

    • Exactly right - Kinkos has agreed to standardize using Fiery servers exclusively. This is a big deal involving hundreds of fiery servers. If anyone wants to see what a fiery can do, go to your nearest Kinkos.

    • Great one, best laugh I've had in weeks! Thank you for lifting my day.

      Good luck

      A hui ho

    • It would be making all kinkos standard using the
      fiery color server.I dont know what kind of monies this would
      involve.It sounds like a chunk of cash and creditbility for
      Good Luck
      Fast Freddy

    • > It probably will fly tomorrow.

      CYMI has the glide angle of a sewer lid. Don't pay attention
      to yuangu's plug. Yes, CYMI's prospects are good long term, but
      if you think EFII board has a cult following, you should check
      out CYMI! Talk about a bunch of blithering pie eyed laser

      The earnings came out today and are all time best, but they're
      pulling the routine that earnings will tank next quarter. So
      there will be plenty of buying opportunity over the next 6

      Having said this, I still like both EFII and CYMI. Hell, I own
      equal amounts of both (significantly > zero) so I gotta like
      um. But on both of these, you don't want to be on the edge
      of your seat holding your breath cause your peter will drop
      off from boredom.

      So yes, CYMI announced buyback, but it's to help balance the
      bad news, fund employee esop/options, and to cover the
      convertibles they sold last summer for a healthy lump o cash.
      In fact, they'll be able to make a killing on the buyback if
      the convertibles are exercised someday.

      Oh, and CYMI has a lot of the EFII earmarks. Stock in doledrums,
      optimistic small-time investors, beaten down, command significant
      market share (they claim 90%) of their market, at the beginning
      of product cycle, Asain flu, flush with cash (but bond cash),
      and comparatively low PE (~20).

      So if you have the patience of a sloth, CYMI may be for you...
      The only thing missing is the resident Miggy. I still haven't
      figured out why they don't have at least one of those :-)

    • what is the business deal between efii and kinkos all about? thanks!

    • The earnings look like a good thing, but take a close look at the stock buy back. You'll notice it says "from time to time". So they may not be buying it soon! I only took a minute to look at it, so don't put to much in my analysis. I do think it will go up tomrrow though.

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