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  • robchadwick robchadwick Mar 23, 2010 12:29 PM Flag

    f'n joke

    30,000 shares all buys? Seems like you have to have 30,000 sells in order to have 30,000 buys, right? :)

    This is a small company in a crowded marketplace. They need a combination of smart R&D, savvy manufacturing to keep costs down & kick ass sales people in the OEM space to really grow this company.

    I don't see any review of their USB 3G products on Amazon at all.. you can find reviews for just about any product on Amazon.. so I don't know how well the thing works. My guess is that most people who want 3G for their laptop go to their cell provider & buy a device and data plan (those that don't have tethering).. I don't see after market 3G USB being a huge market (?)..

    So I'd want to see some high volume OEM activity, which would also drive down manufacturing costs & add margin to their retail lines.

    ZDTV Wireless Laptop keyboard??

    So what does this tell you about their R&D and product development? Do they have no in-house talent at all in their R&D department, or some crazy product marketing person who thought this would be a good idea, or both?

    Who here thinks they're going to actually sell a wireless laptop keyboard that they're trying to market as an HDTV keyboard? Go out & buy any wireless keyboard with a track pad for your laptop & plug your laptop into your HDTV.. I hope they're just slapping their label on someone else's product & didn't invest anything in this, because this is a complete turd.

    There's no volume on this stock because there is nothing exciting about a small company with commodity products in a crowded market. I'd guess this is going to be low volume range bound around $.40-$.60 unless they come up with some substantial OEM deals. They're just too small to be a growth player in the retail market and there's no evidence of them being an innovator on the R&D side.

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    • you may be correct on the company(may not be also, could rise fast, no float, still some nice revenue, plenty of cash), but 30,000 shares bought = 30,000 shares sold??? not right. with all stock traded companies, mm's keep an inventory, in the case of zmtp, the mms have been building an inventory of stock, all bought at the bid of .30 - .35. the mm's keep that in inventroy until someone comes in with a buy order. on a day like friday, 30,000 shares were bought from the mm's at .50-.60, all from the mm's inventory which they had bought for .30. on a day like today, there have been no shares bought by investors, just by mm's from investors selling. try to buy today at .30, won't happen. try to buy at .53, will happen. think an investor got .50-.60 for shares on friday??? no way, investors bought at .50-.60, and anyone trying to sell at that price on friday it would not have happened, but if they wanted to sell on friday, they could have got .30-.35. quite the racket, think of it as a bet, with the juice being the .23 between the bid and the ask.

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