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  • paisleyparkguy paisleyparkguy Nov 23, 2011 11:25 PM Flag

    Personally, I am shocked

    No one is taking into account that the market got smoked today. On a Relative strength basis the stock out performed. I think it tests the 9 area again.

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    • Really, I am shocked... Mm's pressed price like anything
      In a time to think even... It's all
      Big plan behind it, it was suspended long time
      And resume trading just 25 min left in the day.

      It supposed to gap up at 12+ at trading resume...
      Conversely it was opened at 9 and pressed down
      In a flash under 7.50

      One thing is true the current price after approval is
      Way down from it supposed to be. Before approval
      It used to be 14$ and 12$ last two times, it is fully
      Manipulated price and way down from it's real after

      I have one question, how come the volume
      Comes 2.5m, is that fear pushed weak hands sell?
      Or most if the volume from hedge funds short selling?
      Any ideas....?