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  • holywallst holywallst Jun 16, 2011 10:40 PM Flag

    holywallst - how many shares you have left to cover?

    There is a reason why shorts can afford to be cocky on this stock

    because the pop is now defined and set. in worst case scenario for the shorts, this will shoot up to $1.10s and then come back down to $0.80s

    so worst case scenario is known. Now, the good case scenario is that we may fall to below 50 cents in my opinion as I think the MM is trying his level best to push this 6 ft. under. Maybe he is pulling a favor for huge hedge funds who are also short, who knows and the funds may be giving a commission check to the MM to push this down and keep this down

    conspiracy theory?? yes, but works in favor of the shorts. I give this co. 4 months of trading, then I say 6 ft under it goes. Cant wait to say RIP AEN

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    • I do not think you have measured you upside risk correctly in that last post; but I sit on the sidelines for further news here, as have other investments I'm working on

    • Holy you still pretending to be short? There's almost no shorting in this name, anyone who thinks there is, there making it up because they lost money going long! Short interest in AEN is 3% of the float, oh dear thats low! Not a stock thats heavly shorted. That would be a 20-30% short interest. Holy your full of it, 24/7 posting is a paid poster not a savey short seller. The worst case for a short seller is never defined you nitwit. A short can keep losing and losing depending on the news and money flow you nitwit! A long buyer has a defined loss, thats a 100% of ther investment.

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