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  • jbc7719 jbc7719 Dec 30, 2011 2:21 PM Flag

    Adeona long this

    Notice on the chart the volume is drying up very quickly. I honestly did not think the PPS will hold above a $1 for this long, I am surprised at that. I still think ultimately it's back to well below a $1, the volume tells the tale and the recent slew of pump & schill headlines are not wearing off. Probably won't be long. I mean, there isn't anyone buying AEN, lets be honest.

    The company basically, in a nutshell, failed at everything they had going and then diluted shareholders at .001 to buy themselves a trial. I have no faith anything they do will pan out.

    Look at Kuo's track record at the previous companies he ran, they all wound up on the pink sheets trading at less than a nickel and he has never spearheaded a FDA approved product or a product that ever made money. He's not going to start now.

    Adeona, has basically become a vehicle for Kazner, Kuo and crew to draw paychecks and bonuses off of. They could care less if any products get approved or are successful.

    In due time this will become apparent to the blind sheeple shareholders.

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