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  • christoffelcolumbus17 christoffelcolumbus17 Nov 11, 2011 6:02 AM Flag

    reasons prohibiting the shares to trade much higher


    1. nasdaq delisting: in 2009 the share was trading at 0.50 USD without the Sinopharm deals
    2. pinksheets listing: no guarantees of further financial insights
    3. number of employees at 14 and (imo) declining: gives the false impression of a Company with little or no activities. Even most top restaurants employ that amount of people in their kitchen.
    4. in its financial reports the Company has been warning for bankruptcy chance for 2 straight years, even with the AMUN finance deal and the low cash burn.
    5. people who are used to view succesfull Companies by the size of their net profits think a Company that constantly looses money (like almost all biotech smallcaps) is not worth a purchase
    6. the Company abandoned (according to my research) its leading drug HE2000 around 2001, it was disrupted from development in March 2007 of Neumune and it suddenly came along with Triolex and Apoptone around 2008. This tends to decrease Company credibility.

    any comments welcome.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • number of full time employees at 5 with some part timers when needed.

      volume today = 1,500

    • Markets are forward looking indices so I look at the developments discussed at the AGM and the filings and parlee that with Dr. Frincke's approximate $10K recent open market purhcase of 75K shares.

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