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  • saicinthemoney saicinthemoney Jan 29, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

    TOTAL 5 Drugs approachig Plll in 2013

    this is the next JAZZ laod up folks were headed to 30 by EOY

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    • are u kidding me!!! do u know the cost of 1 drug to go through phase 3 ... ARRY bleeding cash crazy and may need another IPO soon. This time the offering will be at 3.00 dollars

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      • The partnered drugs he was talking about are:

        . NVS's MEK-162 which is already in P3
        . AstraZeneca's Selumetinib which is expected to go into P3 in the near future
        . Roche's Danoprevir which is much less clear.

        They have a total of 11 partnered drugs in P2, none of these cost any money for P2/3 trials.

        The 2 unpartnered liquid cancer programs (520 and 614) are candidates to enter P3 later this year. It is possible only 1 will go forward w/o further progress in partner programs (as these would be on ARRY's dime).

        In addition they have 2 P2 programs that will be partnering candidates:
        . 797 for pain (a non opiod based product that if the AEs are not a stopper could be huge)
        . 502 for asthma (I have zero clue about that)

        This is just the list of stuff in P2, plenty of P1 and preclinical drugs are out there.

      • The acronym "IPO" means "initial public offering", it has nothing to do with raising cash for a company that is already public (unless as a spinoff). This term has a specific meaning, namely when a private company transitions to the public market and raises cash through sale of stock. When a public compnay needs to raise cash they do "secondary offering".

        Yahoo won't let me post links but here are some search terms you can put into Google. I'd strongy advise that you not invest any real money into the stock market until you learn some of the basics. New investors like yourself almost always lose money and should do "paper trading" until they have some experience. Mutual funds are also a safer way to participate rather than individual stocks.

        Highlight the following, press control-c to copy then control-v to put into the Google search box:
        "how does the stock market work"
        "what is a share"
        "what is an IPO"
        "what is a secondary offering"
        "paper trading"

        Don't feel bad, we were all newbies at some point. Just stick with it, read a lot about market basics and you'll be fine. Best of luck.

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