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  • merrimack71 merrimack71 Jun 3, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

    Once AGIAN, as always, Merrimack RULES

    Oh, the pump and dump. Bummer for you sappy holders and "longs". Long faces for you, once again. Learn to trade. LOL

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    • Well, Merrimack RULES.

    • I play with the institutional players. They use idiots like YOU to buy shares high on the pump. They all know of the coming news for the dump stage. You don't know that news. You must trust it ALWAYS comes. As idiots like you pump the stock for them on Yahoo and buy a few million shares, they sell them to you, in controlled fashion. Right now, they are selling in a controlled fashion to slowly let the air out of the bubble. I think the price continues to slowly fall. It is a controlled fall for this reason: Frogs like you guys don't notice the water is boiling if the heat is turned up. Likewise, you won't panic sell, and watch your shares drop back below $4 and even lower, as the news turns sour. So, be smart and TRADE.

      God, you fools do energize me. Thanks for your money.

    • Btw I plan on getting in on the convertible debt. I believe it will be a great fixed income investment with an excellent call option.

    • You are an idiot. Ive been here long enough to where you have said the same when the SP was at $3. That it would go back to $2.50. Well Ive been buying since the $2s and no thanks to your garbage, Im up 100%. If you look at the 10K and 10Q and see the Deerfield terms, you can see why this convertible is a good idea.

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      • Asman is spot on. The money is being put to good use, clinical trials are looking good, and this sector looks to be a good place to be in the current environment. I am thankful that some knee-jerk, short-sighted morons are willing to go belly-up here and now. The opportunity is greatly appreciated, and paying down debt in a rising interest-rate environment seems smart to me.

        In one or three or five years, we ought to have a chat with this merrimack&cheese. We'll be sorting out the possibilities of a retirement reflecting our dreams and commitment, while he'll be recovering from wrist surgery.

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