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  • this_isnt_my_real_alias this_isnt_my_real_alias Aug 7, 2013 7:18 PM Flag

    This Is A Warning That The "Collaborations" Really Do Not

    Mean that much, absolutely no guarantee that anything will ever come to fruition, they can be walked away from at a moments notice.......out of the blue.......and us outsiders will get notice.......if and when those in the know see fit......or get around to it.

    Insiders : Yeah we knew about this negative six months ago........maybe we'll release this information at the annual report.......maybe.

    All depends on how good my golf game is going.......and the mood strikes me right.

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    • Anyone who thinks collaborations are a guarantee of anything shouldn't be buying these stocks. You're wasting space with your post.

    • More two-penny advice for you if you are "long" as you say.
      "You have not lost anything until you sold at a loss."
      "Buy the rumor, sell the news." Works in reverse here, because people rerceive this as "bad" news.

    • Every drug candidate has a value, regardless of how far it progressed in clinical trials. You can keep developing it yourself and hope that it grows in value as it shows preclinical efficacy, then human safety, then POC, then clinical benefit, then commercial profit. Or you can sell it to another company at any stage and then it is called COLLABORATION - just getting your money's worth for intellectual property created so far, and sharing the risk going forward.

      Besides that I think that the troll who started this thread should be ignored, because all he does is unsubstantiated bashing. Go back under the bridge and cover your short positions while you can.

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      • Hey freeadvice4all.......Your "freeadvice" is worth EXACTLY what we paid you for it !

        And I NEVER short stocks.......EVER !

        You are correct though......"Every drug candidate has a value".......maybe you shouls share that little ditty with the holders of AFFY, FDA Approved.......with a 52 week, and not that long ago high of $27.74.......NOW......$1.60, so yes it still somehow as you say has a value.

        Also you can share your freeadvice with DVAX shareholders, and DNDN shareholders.......just to name a few, and there are many others that still have a "value".........but considerably LESS than past

        At close today I was long ARRY........had I known about the AMGN........OR, had I known about the AMGN news when they announced the CELG news.......I would NOT have ever been long to begin with.

        They could have made BOTH announcements at the same time. This was NOT an ancient Chinese secret to them.

        Just because I am stating a fact......that makes me a "troll" ?

        I have way too many shares to try and unload in AH.

        But I'm already aware of what's coming......AH or Regular hours tomorrow.

        And as you may, or may not not real content about this situation.

        I guess this is the way us unaware of a pertinent fact "trolls" react.

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