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  • merrimack71 merrimack71 Oct 7, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    The Rabodeb Effect?

    You might recall Mackey of Whole Foods often posted as "Rabodeb", an anagram of his wife's name and meddled in the Whole Foods Yahoo Message Board. He wasn't tried for any crime, but he was investigated. He was a lucky man, IMO. WFM has done us proud since then, as ARRY has churned. The churn is AMAZING for traders like me, which is why I'm here. Array has NEVER FAILED to dilute their stock after a pump phase. In fact their market cap is quite a bit larger now than at their peak share price days. MORONS like the trolls here on the board probably forget that market cap is a function of shares outstanding and price per share.

    I've got to wonder if Rabodeb's equivalent isn't trolling Array's message board, don't you? Do we always get the Merrimack bashing and pumping EVERY TIME before a stock dilution is announced? I see the trolls are back, and I'm getting bashed again. I'm ready for another stock dilution. I"d buy if this puppy fell below $4 again, and sell half as it rose to $6. Well, "Rabodeb", is your company going to dilute again?

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