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  • vickersviscount vickersviscount Apr 3, 2008 11:34 AM Flag

    Why Split?

    I have never heard of a "reorganization fee"?? Fidelity doesn't charge one. . .I, too, am a 10 year holder here, so I don't really trade - therefore the extra fee on large trade quantities doesn't make much difference for me. . .It IS hard to say why the split, but like Ms.Munch, I have probably paid for my original shares in dividends alone over 10 years, and the stock has gone up in value.

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    • I spoke with Edmond Pera, the CFO at AMNF. He said the split was done because they anticipated the stock would trade back up to $0.60 to $0.70 after the split. To paraphrase his words, it is an effort at price manipulation. I do not agree with the split, but AMNF has been a great stock for me. The split makes me nervous, and I wish that if they had wanted to increase the share price they had either increased earnings or the dividend.

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      • I too wondered about the split. I hope they don't go back to reverse splitting, as they did several years ago. I like this little stock and their product and especially that they are willing to share their profits with shareholders, via dividends. I screened for dividends and that is how I found this stock. Their competitors don't do this. I like companies who treat their shareholders good. So far, so good. Just hope it stays that way and they keep growing their business, then the stock will come into everyone's view. The company financials seem to be pretty healthy.

      • They need to get some brokerage firm to start covering the stock and recommending it as a div play.

        In an era of low rates and companies exposed to high debt, a high yield, debt free, stable company would attract attention if people knew it was out there

        word of mouth takes forever

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