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  • wrb335 wrb335 May 12, 2014 10:26 PM Flag

    2013 cash

    fyi... was just reviewing financials.... 2013 year end cash appears more inflated than it actually is when compared to prior year. 2012 they paid an early divi for tax reasons.... 2013 shows 2.3m on the books, but they still had not paid the 512k. so call it 1.8m in cash compared to 2012's 1.3.

    i remember there was discussion about how much cash they had- and i probably agreed. special or increase is not guaranteed in my opinon.

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    • I agree, not guaranteed..... especially since they are conservative (I like that.) However, they had about 5.6 cents per share in cash at the end of 2013 (based upon your 1.8 million.) In addition, you didn't count the $700,000 CD (another 2 cents). Plus, they earned an additional 2.67 cents in the first quarter of 2014. If that isn't good enough, their receivables alone cover ALL their current liabilities. They may decide to wait and declare an extra at the end of they year - they may decide to go to 1.7 cents dividend this next time around - we'll see. In the mean time, don't you wish all your investments were this solid?

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      • good point- did not include the cd. they are definitely more cash heavy than normal, but as you said, given how conservative they are i think this divi will stick at .016. i'm really just trying to poke all the holes in it i can......

        but yes, SO solid. and to be honest, this is just about my only equity investment. i've been selling off my blue chips the past few weeks as they keep knocking on record highs and picking up more armanino shares at the 53-54m mark (1.75). If we drift any lower than 50m i expect some major buyers to step in.......

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