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  • meijergoldstein meijergoldstein May 20, 2010 9:06 PM Flag

    Feds probing JPMorgan trades in silver pit

    Wall Street OWNS THE SEC and ALL OF THE REGULATORY AGENCIES. What you are reading is the making of a Maddoff type coverup.

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    • Hate to say it ... but I agree with you.

      Seems more likely that the JP Morgan story was released to suck in traders to the long side - thinking that JP's shenanigans might be coming to an end.

      Only to have prices manipulated lower worse than ever before.

      Can you say Ching Ching ?

      Besides, this action in the Dragon isn't scaring me one bit. Having traded futures and stocks for over 30 years - this is typical wash-out action which typically occurs before the major move higher.

      Metals action is clearly all tied to Futures Options expiration on Tuesday ... Metals and the Dragon will likely be substantially be the end of next week.

      Anyone out there the proud owner of the 2000 share stop order that got triggered at 16 cents at the open ? Some people never learn ....