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  • wright.tom64 wright.tom64 May 26, 2012 10:35 PM Flag

    Not sure how this is good news for Orbital

    Space X has now proven they can deliver cargo to the space station. They are also designing their system to deliver personnel. As there is only one space station, how many companies need to be hired to deliver material to that station? I honestly can not see the Russians or Space X honchos saying, "Oh Goody! More competition for a very limited market. Let's welcome Orbital and others to pile into the mix." To me, that is a little like every railroad baron building competing tracks up and down the east coast during the heyday of the railroads. As a result, a whole boatload of those RR's went belly up.

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    • Hi Tom...loved your post, but rated it 2 in error. I still can't seem to press the right star value on my keyboard,sorry

      I am kind of glad ORB isn't yet looking at manned flight to low earth orbit. Tons of risk there. I agree about there is only so many deliveries one can make, and the ISS does have a finite life. That said, the applications for this type delivery system is beyond my scope of vision. Again, the Antares as a reliable mid sized launch vehicle is what ORB is focusing on.

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      • Gave your's a 4 star rating although could have been a 5. If Orbital can deliver more cheaply and efficiently than others I will be happy and that is a purpose of having more than one group show what they can do. I just want to believe that Orbital will not stifle work in other areas and put too many eggs in the Antares basket. I am moving from hold to very speculative buy based on belief that the mission will go well.