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  • mcrf52 mcrf52 Jul 19, 2012 8:49 AM Flag

    Earnings ....

    Tad better than expected. Record Revenues. As expected launch pad hot fire test delayed until late August....grrr. If the dog lets me... I will try and listen to the conference call. Margins have been getting better all year long as cap ex has declined.....frankly, I am tired of the delays with the Antares.

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    • I heard something about an M&A fee , but not really sure. Sounded like they were up to something in the second quarter. Cancellation of GEMS program will cut into second half revenue by 20 mil in second half and 75mil in total. New business proposals out there of 2bil,with a B, for the second half. A bunch of stuff in the call...will need to read transcript as I missed Thompsons initial statement . anybody else?