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  • clamdigger_97 clamdigger_97 Feb 22, 2013 10:25 PM Flag

    Sold on the Hot Fire News today.

    sorry guys, but I just can't get behind ORB right now. So, now that I sold out again, you guys are assured of a gain from here, right? #$%$ luck to ORB longs.

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    • Let's see... The test on Friday night was a success,so that should not hurt the stock. ORB still has a way to go, but the answer is now at least within sight. They have done all the testing to insure that the rocket will launch. In the next six weeks, we will see if the fairings question will be resolved when they attempt the risk reduction launch. Frankly, this is what has dogged ORB for years. In 2009 as the stock price seemed to be recovering the darn things did not open and the stock has been in the tank ever since. From a technical perspective, namely The Three Amigo indicator, I am still at a buy, so it seems like a good sale , Clam! Did you get hit hard by the storm a few weeks back?

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    • Probably a reasonable decision. The shares have a lot of resistance to break through still and the overall market does not seem particularly receptive to helping that process along for many companies.

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      • Hi Tom... Like you I have been curious to the reasons for the selloff after the earnings release. I am of the opinion that the concern over the sequestration has put a damper on ORB. I think they built in a good portion of that into their forecast. That coupled with the hot fire test delay probably caused the stock to selloff. I was a bit surprised when Thompson actually made reference to shareholder interests at the last CC. With the caveat that all went well with the Antares, he stated that shareholder value should increase as the year went on... I still think that is true.

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