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  • alex_assyia alex_assyia Oct 1, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    Government Shutdown

    To my understanding the government shutdown will heavily affect NASA's budget. Do you think this will have drawbacks withe the contact between NASA and orbital with future missions? Hopefully they figure it out soon.

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    • Orbital's biz model is heavily dependent on government budgets. They have been living under the CR for years now. It has always posed a problem for their plans going forward. That said, the CRS contract will be allowed to continue . Work on smaller contracts might be shut for a bit and in a few weeks you will hear about ORBs assumptions ,or lack thereof , due to budget uncertainties. They do allot of work for the military which is deemed important , and if you read the last conference call minutes there is a teaser in the Q&A which is very intriguing about some contract they got in 3Q.

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    • NASA shut down their webpage. It's impossible to imagine that doing so saves any money. I can see that updating it would require an employee to work, but not keeping it up - in fact they are keeping up a webpage saying they're shut. I think the word has gone out to make the "shutdown" as visible as possible.