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  • mcrf52 mcrf52 Jan 12, 2014 6:51 AM Flag

    Cyngus arrives....6 minutes late!

    I often talk about execution for Orbital. This late arrival is unacceptable. If you tell everyone 6:02 then, show up at 6:08 you are late! I hope the market punishes this stock on Monday.
    Seriously though....Great job Orbital!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Well, I've had with the shoddy performances I have seen on the last two Cygnus missions. I'm getting out. Actually the only shoddiness to which I am referring is the inability of the share price to stay above 25. With so many of today's "in and out" traders, it is no longer a matter of basics but of how quickly I can make a few bucks and go on to the next thrill. Almost like the behavior of junkies I am afraid.

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      • ORB is executing well on all fronts. The only headwinds I see are funding levels for various orbital missions and sats under budgetary pressure. And, of course, the hedge fund types who game this stock short term. Doc, what can you tell us about the ULA lawsuit and the RD 180 engines?

      • It will be interesting to watch the stock price next week. All indicators are that ORB should go higher . With ORB-1 out of the way, investor confidence in ORB has to be at a high point,in front of options expiration this week. Any pullbacks should be bought, as I am confident we are on the way to 2008 Summer highs at the very least. I suspect any attempts to make a quick buck on the short side will be met with buying. In the short term ( the next 30 days) there is simply no news to knock ORB down. The first sell opportunity might come before next months earnings, but that may be more likely to spike the stock higher, and the CC filled with optimism of new business and continued positive cash flow. The only issue with Antares seems to be the availability of the AJ26 rockets,and that issue is intertwined with the ULA lawsuit to free up the RD180 engine.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy