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  • Bendemeer7 Bendemeer7 Apr 5, 1998 9:58 PM Flag

    Stockholder's Meeting

    I have never been to a stockholder's meeting, (most of them too far away), however am thinking of attending this one. Give me a clue as to what to expect. What all goes on? How long do they last? Is it business only, or business & socializing? Please fill me in on some details. Thanks.

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    • Someone had it right (I forget who), and I had it wrong. I checked the FCC filing on the proposed Orbital wideband system called OrbLink.

      It is a non-GEO as a recent poster thought. It is actually a MEO constellation, seven satellites in a single non-GEO EQUATORIAL plane at 9000 km altitude. The equatorial is what probably threw off the compiler of the table. They plan one on-orbit spare, and one ground spare. It is at V band: 37.5-38.5 GHZ downlink; 47.7-48.7 GHz uplink, with cross links at 65-71 GHz.

      On another topic, I was recently trying to track down the number of someone at Hughes Space and Communications in
      California, using some personal contacts. One call led to another, and one of the engineers talked very freely about things. He claimed
      that, although it hadn't been announced or signed, Hughes was the leader for the Teledesic satellites, presumably the
      communications package, although possibly the whole thing (bus, etc.). I asked about Boeing, but he insisted the word was that Hughes had
      it. So, if Aviation Week is correct, and Boeing is out, then maybe it is Hughes, though I don't think we have the whole story
      yet. But I seriously doubt that it's Orbital. The satellites are too big, especially now that there are fewer, and the orbit is
      higher, and there are still too many satellites for a small company like Orbital (just my opinion). I also doubt that it's Motorola.
      Teledesic is a direct competitor of Celestri, so I don't think they would go to Motorola for the satellites. Time will tell.

    • And other mixed metaphors

      First, I'm in ORBI for the long haul -- I might nudge out when it's time to put a down payment on a house in 8 or 9 years. I'm a big fan of this company... I think its got everything going for it and... of any company in my portfolio, its the most likely to be the one that triples or quadruples in value over the medium term.

      That said, I'd like to hear a little bit of information from folks who think ORBIs overvalued. Give me some reasons (like Seadog said, people may be waiting for some real earnings from Orbcomm... fair enough). If you want to say "Hey... you may want to think about... blahblah" do that. I'd like to hear it though I doubt I'll act on it. But don't scream for the exits, please. It's rather impolite.

      And a 30% correction in ORBI isn't going to scare me off, either. Annoy me, yes... but it just means I'll buy in some more.

      Ad Astra

    • Yukwee, call off your dogs. Methinks tthe message is clear. Of course, you are correct sir. Sure there is bound to be a bit
      of a correction as people take profits but I imagine there will not be much of one. I, for one have no thought to take any
      profit at this time. I have noticed that ORBI stock price moves pretty independant of the market so I don't really believe that a
      market correction will affect ORBI for any great length of time. It will continue to move UP! You mention all the pies ORBI has
      it's finger in. This is good as you point out that ORBI is much more than Orbcomm. I personally believe that ORBI is the most
      solid space company there is to invest in. They know what they CAN do and do it. This is not a pie in the sky operation and
      becomes less speculative each day. I'm with ya', yukwee, all the way. For 10 or 15 years at least. Anyone who jumps out at this
      point is taking a long term loss for a short term gain. If that's their game so be it, but it will ultimatly be their loss!

    • Orbital is bringing space down to earth. Their proposals for their systems (Orbview - remote sensing, Orbcomm - wireless, Orblink - data communications) are not the far fetched investments as some of the others. They know what they can do as a company, they know how much they can afford and therefor leverage, and they know a market nitch when they see one!

      I would like to thank those of you out there that bring the information to the table, everybody knows who you guys are and they also know those who don't do anything but wine wine wine.

    • And Orbital is very very hot!

      You guys have to look at money like water. A little flows here and a little flows there. How much volume did we have
      yesterday? Two times the daily average. WOW! Such a massive move out! If you have a better investment to make, THEN MAKE IT. Don't be
      little monkeys running around banging away and getting in a frenzy. Orbital is am impressive company! Do you know how many
      countries that would love to have the capability to put a giant cruses missle into space, or elsewhere... You guys don't get it. It
      takes years of development and risks to make something like this work. And now they are leveraging their abilities. Orbcomm right
      now is making money. They have one of three orbits filled with coverage of about half the day. Their getting providers on board
      and countries. Orbcomm is now going to buy 12 more satellites and at least two more launches from Orbital. Wow! We get to have
      our cake and eat it too. Gee there must be a reason for this to. I suspect they figure the DEMAND must be there for the wireless
      tracking. And lets not forget the other business they are in. I'll bet half of the people on this thread don't even know of some of
      the subisdiaries of subsidiaries of sub... I know I've tried to locate as many as I could. Also Orbital works very well with
      industry and the millitary. Look at some of the advance projects going on and then look at who is paying for those and then look who
      is going to benifit from those projects. Sure there are risks, but there is far less risk now that they have shown they can put
      eight satellites up in one shot. Buy the way? Was that eight satellites for the price of one Pegasus launch. I'm very very
      impressed. Could someone out there tell me who else has put up EIGHT satellites in one launch? Also the millitary has come a long ways
      to help Orbital along. From my observations over the years, I believe the millitary wanted certain capabilities and Orbital was
      a perfect vehicle to accomplish those goals. And don't forget NASA. Better CHEEPER and faster. I think thats Orbital theme
      song. What a perfect match. Sure theres competition, and your looking at them. And as far as dramatic price swings, well I don't
      see that. Just look at the chart.

      I could go on and on and on. You guys get my drift. What I see is a bunch of investors who haven't been investing for a number of years and most importantly don't really know themselves as investors. You can't make big money without big risks. Find out what you like as risk and invest there. I'm no guru, but I know the risk I'm willing to take and I try to learn as much as I can.

    • I'm not worried about yesterday's action, which affected most hi-tech stocks. Actually, I'm not worried at all in the long term, as I holding ORBI well into the next decade. However, for planning purposes, what do you think will happen to ORBI later this year if, say, the Dow corrects 10% (almost a certainty) or 30% (possible)?

    • I have to laugh! Entire Tech sector is down & a few
      people decide to take profits - And then you guys
      come out of the woodwork, screaming like Chicken Little:
      "The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling" - grow up!

      There's gotta be a better way for you all to get some
      entertainment! I'd suggest you go back to watching
      cartoons or whatever it is you normally do & leave
      the investing to adults.

      Take your lame-brained attempts at head fakes elsewhere.


      PS I don't mind opposing points of view, but they
      need to be intelligent & rational, otherwise you
      will just get ignored.

    • It's about time somebody
      is getting real about all this astounding run-up in this little
      company, If they haven't heard the news yet, they just don't have enough tools or are simply ignorant.

    • Fortunately I have had the good fortune to be able to attend the previous two meetings. They begin at 9:00 AM and usually
      last about two hours. From about 8:30 to 9:00 there is a very nice opportunity to meet the management and the board of directors.
      They have a nice Continental breakfast during that time as well. I have found all of the management and board members to be very
      approachable and very pleased to see that I cared enough to attend. Frankly their attitude during these last two years is what kept me
      from selling my stock. Keep in mind that last April at the time of the meeting that the price of ORBI was $14. After the
      formalities of electing the board are completed, Mr. Thompson will review the year and set out goals for l998. I will be on hand this
      year and for many years in the future,GOD WILLING. By the way the analysts will be there and will ask questions. Don't expect any
      bombshells. I think the year just past has provided enough good bombshells already to last for awhile. On the otherhand it would be nice
      to have a split announced at that time, wouldn't it? See you on the 23rd.