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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Aug 26, 2010 2:56 AM Flag


    We're stuck between $3 and $4 until the next earnings release. Guidance of flat revenues also disappointing. It's cheap....but its also likely to remain "dead money." That sucks; I was hoping for a better earnings release, and a "pop" in the stock. I suppose we could still get it, with the reduced EBITDA loss....but I'm less certain now.

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    • oops, I meant at the $2's

    • get ready to buy @ $3 like you were hoping.

    • hey its all good... Wish you the best...

    • You're getting way to serious about a little fun normsigh is having. I thought his comment was funny and well timed...I'm glad you got your BS in Finance but would recommend you spend time on things of value not $143MM in revenue companies. Honestly CFA please tell me you're going to do something useful with your life. Dad.

    • Hey Im no MBA, all I am saying is that I am much more interested in maintaining a large investment with someone who is classically educated and schooled in marketing and business. People take Harvard MBA's very seriously. The Credibility gap is what we needed to fill after the writedowns...

      I think the guy adds a ton of value. Craig is also a CPA which I like... If you were retiring and handing your business over to a new manager, you are saying you would want a high school dropout to handle your business affairs? MAybe someone who is illiterate then?

      What it shows me is that TBAC is under competent new management... GM is a different animal -- they had huge pension problems and the shareholders were the creditors +(slaves) of the rich $70 per hour union workers there... I am happy that TBAC reduced headcount! They had to to survive -- GM can't do that, its a political hotbutton....

      Wrangler is only 15MM of sales, meaning that Tandy's Chambers buy was a HOMERUN. Chambers is a great company that sold for $25,000,000 just five yrs. ago... I think the company should trade at 10X forward earnings, or $9 per share... But that's my personal view... Im only a lowly Finance BS degree CFA level 1 am not knighted by the Queen, but I think that ten times earnings is a fair deal!

      George and Wolverine are way better than Wrangler for Tandy... So thats all you haters need to know...

      BTW, are you losers raking in millions? Prolly not. Tandy will be...

    • but he's a HARVARD MBA

    • You're right they are no dummies but then either were the heads of GM, Chrylser, Delta, United, Northewest and so many others that ended up tanking shareholders...but as I recall seemed to have not tanked their personal earnings...Don't believe TBAC is headed down that road but lets not forget the Richard Branson's of the world who don't have an MBA and did pretty well for themselves...Education, way overrated as a means to evaluate talent...

    • minus 12%

      Is this the "pop" ?

    • Down 10% already.

      Maybe we need more stabilizers on the operating platform.

      I fear we'll be down more as soon as they open their mouths on the call.

    • guidance is actually pretty good, but must be sustained... and they are going to need to hedge their dollar risk to earn any money... deficits are way too huge in US.

      The Peso is even looking pretty good right

      140MM in sales
      37% gross magin
      = 52MM gross profit
      SGA of 44MM means we have 8MM Ebitda guidance... No taxes.... for a long time....

      Anyways, I agree but the future will determine the stocks value not the past... Bleeding has to stop immediately however, and they will have to put on their economics hat and hedge their currency/other retail risks.. I think it could trade %5.... or 4X ebitda guidance... b4 next Q.. easier said than done! Good luck TBAC....

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      • If they want to give investors confidence in the company they should reinstate a small dividend. This will give them some credibility. Management needs to make this a stable company. Making a profit in a slow economic environment is critical.

      • Well Elvis like your use of accounting terminology and math sounds to me like you might have somewhat of a hidden agenda in your posting, current shareholder / bag holder or are memeber a member of Tandy's Executive Mgt

        Some simple math for others, Tandy aquires Chambers in July 09, CEO reports that revenue from previous Chambers 2008 figures were in excess of 30 M, projects as much for 2009-10, so basically the 2010 revenue figures should at least include 25M revenues from the Chambers buy, yet they tout a 10% increase in revenues, its not apples to apples, back out a consvervative figure of 20 M from Chambers on top of Tandys fiscal 09 revenue should add up to 129m + 20 M = 149, yet they report 142 M. either way they did not meet street expectations, nor would they have beat their own fiscal 09 revenues without the aquisition. Read further into the report, EBITA does not include all the restructuring and aquistion charges, they still reported a fiscal 2010 loss of 2 M,couple that with the fact they have lost all the Wrangler licenses, Mass / Walmart in June as Western in Dec, can't see how anyone thinks they have the brands or talent to make all that conservative 20+ million loss, as Chambers business was almost all Wrnagler licensed product. Just my opionion , as to followup on previous Mgt pay and bonus structure, read the SEC filings, CEO guaranteed 75% of base if company hits goals, wich is 75% profit and 25% revenue driven, hell with the aqusition kind of impossible to not to at least hit the profit side, if not both, so figure he will get a min of 75% of their bonus at 75% of base, the others 50% of base at a min of 75% target rate, add up that and apply it to a net loss of 2M, not a bad yrs pay for crappy results

        To many on here complain or tout, without ever doing any research, want to know what Mgt makes and other insiders, total Comp packages, share awards, et, go through thier SEC filings, its all there, then make your posts based on reality not message board skuttle butt

      • Wow - he's still "stabilizing our operating platform". For two years!

        It must be Bush's fault.