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  • jtyler2030 jtyler2030 Mar 9, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

    Internet Poker - Federal Level Talks

    As I have expected, as states begin to pass legislation for online poker the Federal government has watched as states pass them by and create their own laws. If there is one thing the Fed's don't like, it is the states having laws to control something instead of them.

    First off, I think that a name like Full House is awesome for online poker. This is a much better name for an online-interactive gambling company than a brick and mortar casino operation.

    The second biggest thing here is that Full House is tiny... It wouldn't take much by way of revenue and profits to send this stock on a massive ride higher. People look at CZR and MGM for the "best internet poker plays." I totally disagree with that. Yes, they may have the largest revenue share of internet poker, but the equity increase percentage they will see would be nothing to what FLL could do.

    As states pass legislation and the Fed's realize they are soon to be left behind to control this, the better chance you have of making a ton of money. Just 2 months ago one would be laughed at for saying internet poker was a possibility. Now we have Nevada and New Jersey with actual bills that have passed.

    Full house is perfectly located in Nevada to be at the center of the US gambling hub. Nobody is talking about Full House as most don't even know this company exists. This is perfect and is a ripe opportunity. All we need is to continue to grow sales and this could help in a big way. These last words will fall on the ears of the deaf as pretty much all on here don't know how to value, or project out on a company this small. The vicissitudes of business cycles and profitability for a company this small are not taught in business school or laid out in a textbook. You need real experience to deal with this situation, and patience. This point will be refuted by fools again I'm sure.

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    • I don't know where you come from but you need to learn a bit more about the industry.

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      • Throughout your history on Yahoo! I see that you only attack people on these message boards. You tell everybody else how they are wrong.

        I enjoy coming on these boards with the common rabble like yourself. Your not talking to an average investor here pal. And to be honest I'm getting a little sick of your Ad-Hom or "personal" attacks.

        You come on here and say that I need more experience in the industry? Let's dissect another stupid statement by you.

        1. You have NO experience nor anybody in the U.S. discussing or commenting on Internet Poker. I have friends in the U.K. who deal in this business and I ask questions all the time. I don't tell people they don't know what their talking about LIKE YOU when I really don't know something.

        2. You make another personal attack, but fail to state the "why" in how I don't know enough about the industry. So why don't you post about your personal experience in studying internet poker. You already said that it is not a high margin business... Are you sure your not the one who needs more time investing in the industry? IP not a high margin business? Your a joke guy.

        3. You still cannot answer how to value a company based on anything but bottom of the income statement line-items. Deriving your statement from past conversations claiming I don't know how to value companies in this "industry."

        As to where I come from. Do not talk down to me. You do not come from a background superior to mine. You do not work in the highest levels of finance. I generally see this type of arrogance and stupidity in the marketplace from amateurs who pretend to be Fund Managers.

        What do you do for a living?

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