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  • burnedoutprof burnedoutprof Apr 22, 2013 3:54 AM Flag

    ABB up slightly in Swiss trading

    google "SIX Swiss Exchange ABB" for quotes.

    I thought ABB stock might drop on the news even though 1 billion is just 2% of the market value of ABB, but it didn't.

    ABB is a good long-term blue-chip bet on global economic recovery, similar to Siemens (SI). But the stock is unlikely to move much in the next year or so.

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    • no need for it to drop, and notice how SMA is up 10% on the news.... EVERYONE THERE KNOWS PWER IS WORTH A HECK OF A LOT MORE THAN 6 FRIGGING DOLLARS!!!! Heck just a few days ago ENPH which is just a fraction of PWER in terms of revenue and exposure was trading higher than they are offering shareholders here.... That's why i've been saying for months to FIRE MANAGEMENT !!!!