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  • prospec5 prospec5 Feb 21, 2009 6:57 PM Flag

    inpilot's arrogance

    Read his post of early AM on 20 Feb. Then look at the results for the day in URE. Good thing we are not actually paying him for his advise. It's one thing to be self confident, but to be outright arrogant, then wrong, well.....

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    • He's a dope!

    • What makes me wrong?

      $7 to $3 on the short side is one heck of a gain. I have been right for $4. You think because URE went up .32 on Friday I am wrong? You have $3.68 to go to break even. Over 100%

      Jump on board, go long with your money. Please post you share and buy price. If you have read my posts, you would have learned why and how I made the trade below. I want to see you earn creditability here.

      Psst. I was long friday, if you call one day long:

      02/20/2009 09:36:28 Bought 50000 FAS @ 4.42 -221,009.99 -$216,490.36
      02/20/2009 09:39:38 Bought 1000 FAS @ 4.34 -4,349.99 -$220,840.35
      02/20/2009 09:39:38 Bought 9000 FAS @ 4.35 -39,150.00 -$259,990.35
      02/20/2009 09:43:34 Bought 6500 BAC @ 3.24 -21,069.99 -$281,060.34

      I am back in cash. If I am arrogant for trying to help people, you are a fool!

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      • To intpilot:

        The following is just part of your post from early Friday AM that I referred to. I highly doubt after you made that post that you were long on Friday. I think you are dishonest there. You cannot fool me, but apparently you, like others in the news lately, are just trying to get fools to pay for your foolish recommendations.

        "Mister, you say thankyou for the worst advice you can possibly get? You deserve to be down this bad. Hope is DEAD.

        Multi, No bounce will come. Futures are already pointing to a lower open on Friday. You are the the pressapuss of a washout. Why would you stand on a beach when a Tsunami is coming? You get out of the way, head to high ground and come back to rebuild later.

        Lots of people figured the same as you about TARP + stimulus, but when you are wrong you admit it and move on. This is the problem with America. Hope is dead! Everyone wants to be wrong without consequences. "

        My comments to you and other Dems:

        Obama is following in the footsteps of other Dems who caused this disaster by forcing banks to lend to those who could not afford an expensive house starting years ago and the Dem congress carried that fallacy through until real estate got highly inflated by three years ago. Some spineless Republicans did not stand up to the Dems. We will be paying for that mistake for years. They should not have said it is the right of one who cannot afford a home to still borrow the money without proof of the ability to repay and without a good downpayment and without the common sense to see that prices already having gone up at such a high rate for a few years could not be sustained. Anyone with an ounce of common sense could tell you that. But the Dems could not. They just kept saying "don't worry, the banks will be OK. Keep lending to those who cannot afford it."

        True, Bush and Greenspan tried to warn the Dems, and should have been more forcefull in 2002. But of course, the stupid public would have said you are just trying to abort this revovery which was needed after the dot com bust which was caused by irrational exhuberance in the late 90s. Remember when Clinton tried to take credit for that fiasco? He had no clue. Monica could attest to that. Communist China is still laughing at us for Clinton's providing them with top secret information. I hope Hillary has more sense, but I doubt it. All those who do not have political or selfish economic reasons will agree with what I have said in this post.

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