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  • wx2005xw wx2005xw Sep 15, 2009 2:38 PM Flag

    SOLD ALL MY SHARES AT $6.13, OUT OUT OUT!!!!!!!!

    IT could jump to $7.00 and I wouldnt care, I have seen 2x and 3x etfs trade above $300 only to drop into the single digits so seeing URE at $6.15 the possibility of it dropping back to $3 or $4 is nearly 100% guaranteed.

    Ill let you know when I jump back in, will probably be around $4.50 range.

    Will still frequent the board to see what everyone's opinion is on this, after going out day after day after day and seeing for lease and sale signs on buildings 20,000 sq feet and larger I think its time to take profits, the markets are being controlled to the upside, how greedy can one get, its up nearly 30% in a week, not worth holding on right now. $7.00 could come and we could see a 10% correction in the markets sending this down right to $5.00 once again. I know this moves quick to the downside because I have been trading it for a long long time, I was going to sell out around $5.75 a couple of weeks ago and said nah ill wait, i waited for $6.00, touched $5.92 and fell all the way back below $4.75, no need to hold on and risk profits at this point.

    Good luck to all who still hold, im out at $6.13 for now.

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