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  • caponsacchi caponsacchi Apr 15, 2010 1:39 PM Flag

    Yesterday close

    It's been many months since I've heard anyone suggest that any leveraged ETF was a good "long term" hold. This one is on the rise, so I'm staying with it but trailing with tight stops. I've seen these suckers completely flame out--like a naked short, except at least you won't lose more than your entire investment. If you've seen some of the numbers that are constantly being run by the pros, you'd realize that none of these leveraged funds that purport to "track" an index, or to double or triple it, actually does so. In fact, in many instances the targeted index has risen while the coupled, leveraged ETF has actually lost money because of the day by day recalculations these funds are required to do. That's why they're recommended only for short-time (very short, like a single day) big-money (really big, like tens of thousands) in-and-out traders. It's like non-defanged rattlesnakes. Cool pets, but only if you know how to handle them.

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