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  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Feb 15, 2013 8:01 PM Flag

    Some thought on the sale of the company.

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    • Wow still getting used to the new board. Sorry about the blank post above. That said, as we sit and wait for news to move things, I thought I might get some thoughts from some of the better posters here regarding how deals like this are actually cut. Everyone talks about SGYP going out and seeking suitors, .but I'm not sure that makes sense. Are we to believe that big pharma has no idea of what's going on in their market space. Bristol knows Cerrone intimately. Got to figure that they know everything we're doing. Certainly, ever major pharma has people whose job it is to sniff out promising new drugs. Numerous article have been written, som for guys like Ram. Got to figure if there are interested buyers, they are already known or have sent out feelers to the company. That means the company already knows there is interest and who is interested. Ergo, potential buyer already know who we are and we know who they are. It rolls tha we'd be talking right now if that we're the case. The road shows seem almost superfluous, or do we need them to get out the word to investors? In short, I think we are already in negotiations and if I had to guess I would say with Bristol. I think if you check we hired one of their top employees to run our trials. And having been in this stock a long time, I believe she bought about a million dollars worth of SGYP. Right before the two to one revers split when it was $2. It makes sense to me that both buy buyers and sellers know much more about each other than we are giving credit for. It would just seem to make sense. They will either demand too much money and there will be no immediate deal or they will negotiate one and the company will be sold. Don't get why this isn't. $9 dollars right now like Ram thinks it should. No volume. To the experienced bio guys, "do we need to go through more trials or or file with FDA to get to a point when a sale could happen? My best.

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      • Good post. To answer your question, no we don't need any more trials to sell the company. The recently completed Phase III in CIC confirms the drug works, is safe and the path to registration is paved

        The only question that remains is price. Big pharma may be willing to pay $800 million to $1 billion now and Cerrone and company may want much more. And if the negotiations don't bear fruit these guys know that a second successful phase III in CIC could easily double the buyout price so they need to call pharmas bluff and be willing to walk away and do the final trial. I'm not saying they will but I think that's what's happening in the background

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