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  • stiffedbysgyp stiffedbysgyp May 3, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    Long suffering SGYP trade creditors never left

    As expected since we still haven't be paid despite empty promises and run arounds.

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    • Stiffed, I finally figured it out -- they just won't pay you. All other creditors have been paid but for you. It must feel bad being the only creditor that has not been paid. Wonder why they're treating you differently from all other creditors. Oh wait, you're the only one who posts on the board.

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      • Who says they paid the other creditors? Often when a debtor promises to pay many times but then reneges, there is more than one creditor left out in the cold. It's a pattern. If the debtor singled out a specific creditor, promising to pay with no intention of doing so, there is a legal word for that. It starts with F and ends with D. Is that what you are accusing SGYP management of?!?!?!?!!! Shame on you if it is.

    • Why do you keep posting this? Im being dead serious now. I know I usually poke fun at your public display of pathetic-ness, but Im honest to God dying to know what you are hoping to accomplish by posting this here? I would think you'd at least have somewhat of a better chance crying to them as opposed to me! I mean... All we're gonna do is roll our eyes and all you're going to accomplish is wasting precious moments of your life away. I mean isnt there something better you could do with your time? Do you have a wife or gf you could call and say hi, a kid you could pay attention to? I mean, even going to the bathroom to rub one out seems substantially more productive...

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