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  • gizmo_puppy95 gizmo_puppy95 May 6, 2013 11:45 PM Flag

    Synergy still has a LONG way to go

    They still have to do 2 more Phase III trials. It actually could be 2016 before approval, assuming the Phase III is successful. This company moves at a snails pace. They just diluted by 20%, that is no picnic for those who bought above $5.50. I think management should have waited to do a public offering as I believe the stock price was on it's way to about $9.50 and they should have got at least $8 a share for, which would of been much less dilution.

    Another thing, it appears everyone is talking about a buyout, if there was to be a buyout it should have occurred after Phase II, which is why I am still in partial doubt about the effectiveness of Plecanatide. Big Pharma's want this at the lowest possible price and it appears the confidence may not be as high as many believe. I hope I am wrong because I still own some shares.

    As slow as Synergy is going another stem company may come to market in a similar time.

    Everyone is thinking that this is going straight to the moon, not anytime soon. Yeah, it went from $4.45 to $5.50, but their is both profit taking and others bailing because just about any stock can make you instant money right now. With no news coming out for months, the shorts may try to come and take control of this.

    I see some volatility in this one for a while.

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    • i think what you see is Red-acre selling their shares bought at $4.45

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    • The complete phase 2/3 results have not been released yet, that's what makes your reasoning wrong. That is scheduled to happen on May 21st. Later, SGYP is meeting with the FDA. Only after those events you can complain about the company not being bought out.

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      • Yes, I give you a thumbs up for that myself.
        The results should be positive, it not...I would lose a lot of Money, that said...there is enough information in my opinion that plecanatide works, just the 9-1 ratio to diarrhea vs placebo indicates that it works.
        Another problem right now is that they are still attempting to find the ideal treatment dose. We know that 3mg works, but they are trying 9 mg? That is 3 times, why not go from 3mg to 5mg then 7mg? I question this huge variance?
        Does anyone know the 9 mg data or where to find it? I have been curious about this dose as to whether the side effects would be too much to handle, but this would definitely be a secondary proof of concept (not that they really needed that).
        They may get away with doing just one more trial, but keep your fingers crossed because we are dealing with the FDA and linaclotides approval can also help due to it's similarities (should help more than it should hurt).
        Insider buying was a good thing...wish it was more shares by more insiders than just one.
        To hold this one for a year should yield much better than average returns and should be a safer bet than worrying about what the overall market does.
        I am just saying speed it up and the stock price will take care of itself...but yes, the completion of Phase II/III is to come, but SGYP's press releases are omitting a lot of data that the average investor might want to study. I own this because I believe them, but on the other hand you can NEVER be too confident.

      • I was about to say it but you already said it. Catalyst in late May/early June meeting with FDA to discuss plans for going forward

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