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  • paul_gathua paul_gathua Jun 27, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

    Nothing makes this thing stay up..not viagra, not insider buys, not upgrades

    Will be a buyer at $4.00

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Love how this guys "buy, sell, hold" sentiment changes from post to post. These paid bashers are somethin' else...

    • maybe it's just bad karma on account of them stiffing service providers like me for outstanding bills?

    • It looks you will get your chance soon. I see it going lower than that. I am waiting below $4.

    • Now, Im a big believer in this stock over the long term so I hope my fellow longs dont take this the wrong way but.... Im going to play along with Paul Groucha here - (for a sec anyway, then im gonna tell him whats up)

      Paul, are you new at this? Why WOULD you think that a thinly traded, developmental-staged bio tech co, with no approved product on the market would simply soar up, up and away and never be brought down?
      However, one has to assume it WOULD perform drastically better if not for the #$%$ relentless shorts.
      Here's the story:
      SGYP kind of hovers in the same price range most of the time, then along comes either a short raid (PERFECTLY timed with #$%$ talking by dingdong2000 and el2yearoldo) or a miniscule tid bit of encouraging news followed by a rapid increase in price. And so on and so forth the cycle repeats itself. Im simply floored that you cant seem to understand that most longs here DONT GIVE A FLYING #$%$ ABOUT DAY TO DAY PRICE ACTION. We are here for the long haul.... An acquisition, an approval, good sales perhaps, MATURITY if you will. Can you comprehend this? Im not sure how much more I can dum-down my writing skills to make things more clear.
      You DO understand? Well then clearly you can see that all your constant bashing does, is irritate us. No one is selling so how about either you appologize to the longs on the board for being a J/O, OR.... Take your negativity and GET THE #$%$ OFF our message board, you negative piece of pestilent dog #$%$!
      Oh, and have a wonderful day.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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