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  • aany23 aany23 Aug 5, 2013 6:50 PM Flag

    be wary, Dingy is up to his old tricks here, I've seen him in action too long and know better - more

    Guys, here is what is happening:

    Ding and his fellow shorts are stuck short at $4.

    They are trapped and the momentum has swung and they recognize it

    They can't brazenly bash in light of good news so they play like they are going long and start posting positive comments to win the trust of other longs

    But they haven't covered because they would just run up the price too high and lose their shirt.

    They are NOT long, these posts are to set up longs for their next move

    So what happens next?

    Once the stock run up begins to stall they will double down their short position at a higher price in an attempt to dollar-cost- average their short position and improve their break even price for an exit

    Then they will come back with "the sky is falling" posts and pretend they are liquidating their long position.

    They will post tons of negative nonsense and try to scare the longs they've "influenced" with these recent positive posts into selling as though they were just trying to help their "fellow longs"

    This is Ding's game. We've all seen it before. Don't fall for his #$%$ and his multiple aliases (Paulie G, elmaestro, biotech ceo, dbaaaaa g, etc)

    (now will the MB go down again because i've exposed their game LOL!!!)

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    • LOL, dingy in full on "concerned" long mode

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    • whether now a long or still short...he does hit upon some key information occasionally. Like when he mentioned institutional ownership percentages likely to increase...that's a fact and will change the dynamics of SGYP as it occurs. A potential partnership could also occur seemingly out of the blue and that would set the PPS on doubt exciting times are in front of us.

    • Did I call it or what?

      Now dingy is a "concerned long". Exactly as I predicted LOl!!

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    • Notice dingy is pretending to be long now but hasn't posted one positive reply to any thread by the long time longs on this board

      Also notice he hasn't posted any bullish comments about the drug, valuation, timelines or any specific details about why SGYP and plecanatide present a significant opportunity

      All he's posted is that he's "long" now.

      I stand by my call, he's setting up for a short replay once the stock runs out of steam. Count it LOL!!!

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    • I have this feeling that they are beginning to cover a bit. Probably used the volume today to reduce their position a bit. I'm beginning to think they are going to try to do a slow roll. I think their basis is a bit higher too. I remember Trader's post when they broke $4. He thought ttheir basis was at $4.80 then, if I remember. It's probably come down twenty cents since then, so is probably around $4.60 ( my guess based on Traders actual computations). I think the big disappointment for them was IRWD's second quarter. They really expected it to be bad. I think they planned to leverage the bad news to drive its sister drug down, us. When IRWD didn't tank, they were really screwed. They brought it down in the morning then then, I think they lightened up their short position a bit, may be covered 400,000 shares. I think they are going to do more of this. Like, betonbio, I don't think they're gone yet. I think, like you say, they will bring it up slowly, then knock it down. And and all of Dings posts where he is supposedly communicating with his fellow shorts are very funny. These guys are seven to eight million shares short and they're planning their strategy on a Yahoo Message Board? I don't think so. It will be interesting, to see how they actually extricate themselves from their predicament, that is, too short a runway. I'm sure ill be here to see it play out.

    • It is interesting How the Message Board Went Down !!! Does Ding-Bat Know Somebody or Someway to influence the on/off Switch ?????

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    • IMHO, its too late for them anyway. Call me a pipe dreamer... Say what you will, but I believe take-over negotiations will accelerate from this point on. The ONLY play I see here is to hold and of course add if such is possible.

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