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  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Aug 18, 2013 3:10 AM Flag

    Endless Drivel Spouted By Shorts

    Dear Ding, is there no end to your drivel. We've all done this dance before, all the way to $4. All you have proven is that when the stock price gets to $4.80 you guys start to freak. Trader was right about your basis. You guys are constantly in trouble. You won't incur loses until you guys try to cover and there has been very little of that. Nothing has changed but for your ever growing short position. Meanwhile, time keeps passing and the probability of favorable news for the company draws ever closer. Longs won't sell. Institutional interest is increasing and clinical trial results are being prepared for IBS as I write. Some posters write that you guys are trapped, but that is a fallacy. You guys are not trapped, just reluctant to cover and take a loss. The time of reckoning is near. You trading prowess and ability to control a day is not matched by your long term strategy to cover your position. To make a trade like yours work, you have to do more than control a day, you have to be right about shorting the stock to begin with. In this you have failed. The whole concept that your short position is based on is incorrect. You guys will,therefore, ultimately fail when you have to cover. Isn't that all that matters?

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    • like your post but you're off base on one thing horse, the definition of "trapped short" is the inability to exit without incurring a loss. hence these dummies are trapped short LOL!!

      look how concerned they are, Paulie G is here posting on a sunday, on a MB that he supposedly doesn't care about, and he thinks the stock is a "dog". You only exhibit that type of behavior if you're a trapped short dog yourself LMAO!!!

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    • The difference between 'reluctance' and being a 'dumbarse' are pretty close. Stay short and lose money...lose lots an lots of money...nothing could make me happier.

    • wow, great post!

      You really hit to the heart of it. they can control the stock action on a given day, but it's meaningless because they aren't able to make money on it since all the down volume appears to be theirs. And the day of reckoning is coming in terms of positive clinical data.

      So they only have 2 choices, cover now and take a moderate loss or keep digging and take a massive loss when the stock flies on the positive IBS data.

      Well said!

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