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  • ding_king2000 ding_king2000 Oct 28, 2013 8:16 PM Flag

    itsahorserace, you really have to wake up. This is institutional selling NOW, not a flea bag group of guys trying to scalp a few pennies.

    This is outside our league.. Good luck to you all..

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    • I have never referred to your group as a "flea bag group." They have thrown mind boggling money at shorting this stock and just dug in deeper. I have nothing but respect for the way you guys trade. I think it's illegal, but no one seems to care but me. I wish I could move the stock price ten cents on five thousand shares like you guys can by stacking the bid/ask. My iPad just can't compete with your Cray servers. You can pull an "ask" faster than I can place a trade. You know,'s not even a fair competition. But this market has burned a lot of shorts the last three years. Imagine, the fed will not taper until after our IBS data comes out. Did your group predict that? Go figure. A lot of smart guys are bag holders and their hedge funds have underperformed the
      S & P 500 badly. I think your trade made sense in the beginning, but that you timed your exit incorrectly. Since timing your exit incorrectly, rather than admit to that fact, you have exacerbated your mistake by bring us down over and over again thereby increasing the size of your problem to the grand sum of about eight million shares (I appreciate you tried to lighten up a bit earlier this month). To look at it objectively, to date all you have achieved is to bring the share price to a level you brought it previously, but you have had to virtually double your short position to get to the same price. This has to be viewed as a failure by any measure. Even at $4 you are simply "there again", with twice as many shares short. This has got to be viewed as a failure to execute. Let me restate all of this more concisely, your trade as of this minute is failing.

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      • No if you re-read his post.... He refers to himself as a "flea bag group of guys" lol. See, he follows with "this is outside our league".

        Well, he was apparently f.0.S about the institutional selling but at least he's honest about himself!
        Bwa hahahahaha

      • Nice post. Agree with you 100%. These guys don't know when to stop digging. I believe the losses they will suffer will likely put them out of business

        all of this is just noise. The data will dictate how we trade and we already know the drug performed flawlessly in the CIC phase 2 trial, therefore I'd expect more of the same with the IBS data. I honesty believe these quant shorts are trading charts and have no clue that there is a huge data milestone around the corner. That's why they're going to get burned!

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