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  • ding_king2000 ding_king2000 Oct 30, 2013 10:04 PM Flag

    oceanicmechanical, I'm just running a business to provide a very good living for my family. What is your excuse?

    You should come out to Cali once in awhile as you seem stressed for some reason. Nobody is swaying anyone, The shares owned and traded from this board are not that much, so you make no difference in my trades if you all sell them all, or buy them. Think about it..

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    • Way to hit "reply" momo

    • Ding, you are trying to feed your family by taking the food from mine. There must be a better way! I was peaceably long, waiting for fundamentals to dictate my future, when the Mongols came pillaging. I do realize that this is about money, not message boards, but that's no excuse for apathy. I'm just doing what I can to get the word out that this stock is being artificially depressed by a short quant group, and that buying at these levels is a particularly good value. The company is fine, it's just got a cold.

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