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  • oysternomicsreborn oysternomicsreborn Mar 19, 2010 10:15 AM Flag

    Roundtrip from prerumor price of 5.67

    up to a peak of 6.42, now at 5.72 and headed lower it looks like. A very highly orchestrated move down this morning, started in aftermarket yesterday. Every move this stock makes is highly orchestrated....Highly manipulated for the profit of the professional traders. They are wired as one, they move as a herd, like a pack of wolves.

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    • It shows the unwillingness or ineptness of the SEC to even attempt to regulate illegal behavior. IMHO

    • yeah...and it's funny how all the people who were posting crapp about a Takeover have suddenly disappeared.

      This is just such a scam stock. If i sell everything I own now, I might be able to gather up enough money to then devote the entire rest of my life to a single simple quest: Find Economou, and make his life an absolute frikkin nightmare, drive him to complete & utter bankruptcy, and then p!ss on him as he sits on the street corner begging for money.

      If we could harness the unbelievable power of everybody's sheer disgust & hatred for this thief, if we could channel that rage, it would probably be enough to light up NYC for a month !!

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