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  • cantdance123 cantdance123 Jun 28, 2011 8:00 PM Flag

    OCRG IPO 2 Billion

    Not trying to pour rain on your parade fellas but if even 1/10 of the b.s. I've just read was true, don't you think we would have rocketed up a long time ago instead of putzing around at $4? Do you really think only us longs here can see all this and the entire wall st. gang is clueless? Really now, get a grip. I too see good things coming but in a more realistic way. You guys have conjured up the ultimate dream and are now spending a helluva lot time trying to convince everybody else of its coming. DRYS is just one of bazillions of story stocks out there and we're all hoping the story becomes the truth. GLTA.

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    • Cantdance,

      Bite me. I'm not trying to convince anyone. As I've stated these are what I'd like to happen not what is going to happen. And if it does happen to work that way then yes, the price will skyrocket, jack as s.

      Tell me how wrong I was to ride sndk up from 8.50ish to $43+, and dis from $17+ to still holding.

      Buy solid companies low and sell high or hold.

      Now try reading what someone writes as in greater detail. All these threads are opinions of what people think might, will or won't happen. All guesswork moron.

      Man are some people just d icks.

      Dancing probably isn't the only thing you can't do well.

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